In 2007, Kelly Van Horn, Linda Schulz and Julie Panaro had a vision to create a network of women in an industry that predominantly consisted of men. At the time, few women worked in commercial real estate at the professional level and the three women wanted to create an organization that would empower women in the industry, encourage other women to enter the industry and the opportunity for women to network with each other to grow their own businesses.

Kelly, Linda and Julie had a vision that the organization would foster an environment of learning, support and networking for women within Delaware in a male-dominated industry. The goal was to help women create a network of referrals, resources and opportunities so that they could grow together. DREW welcomed women in all areas related to commercial real estate in Delaware, including bankers, attorneys, engineers, property managers, brokers, accountants and more.

As the organization grew, DREW began to host educational events like panel forums, site visits as well as presentations on different towns and cities throughout Delaware. The educational events grew to also include social events and fundraisers, including golf outings, ball games, fashion shows, happy hours and even riverfront cruises.

Past presidents of the organization included Sharon Oras Morgan, Marsha Meidling, Jennie Banco, Lorraine Sheldon, Rachel Lindeman, and Joy Barrist, Esq.  Christina Summa serves as the current president. There are eleven Board Members as well as officer positions that handle membership, communications, recruitment, as well as finance and charitable contributions.

Today, DREW offers opportunities in networking, education and fellowship to members throughout the Delaware commercial real estate industry. To learn more about becoming a member or about DREW, contact us today via email or phone. We would love to have you join our growing organization!


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