We understand that we could not achieve our goals without the generosity of our sponsors.

We are a 501C3 and cannot operate without the support from these organizations. These companies have provided us with funding as well as emotional support as we work to assist women in an industry where women are the minority. Some of the sponsors provide us with locations for our meetings, happy hours or fund raisers while others have donated prizes or other items that we can then use to promote our good works. We ask that all members consider these companies when they are shopping, dining or need services in our area.

WAYS TO sponsor

Some of the many ways to sponsor our events


  1. Gifts in Kind for giveaways
  2. Event Sponsor for Dinner after golfing
  3. Event Sponsor


  1. Hosting the meeting
  2. Lunch Sponsor
  3. Happy Hour Sponsorship


With each of these contributions, you will receive recognition on the invitation for the event, our facebook page and on our website.

OUR sponsors

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